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Who Else Want To Discover How I Get N45,000 Paid Directly To My Bank Account Monthly Without Lifting A Finger And With An Investment Of Just N15,000?

The Bad News Is That ONLY 100 PEOPLE Will Benefit From This Goldmine Offer PLUS Super Exclusive Bonuses Valued At N35,000 For the First 50 Callers!

The Question Is: Will YOU Be Fast Enough To Be One Of The Lucky 50?

Prince Bernard Olatunji

Enquiry Line/Whatsapp: 0703-953-7576

Dear Investor,

Let me start this letter by asking you a question: If you make N30,000 monthly returns from a credible and genuine offline investment company here in Nigeria that cost you just N15,000 one-time out of pockect expense, what will you do with it?

  • Do you ever wonder how smart Investors like us are making cool money every month from genuine investments without losing our money- BUT NOT YOU?

  • Do you get your fingers burnt losing your money each time you tried to invest in online HYIPS and now you're sick and tired of all the noise made about making money online?

  • Do you ever wish someone, an investment expert who understands the nitty-gritty and all the basic rules to be considered before ever investing would show you a genuine OFFLINE investment company here in Nigeria where the returns on your investment will be paid directly to your local bank account here on monthly basis with absolute 100% guaranteed?

If you’re ready to forget your past ugly investment experience and take a bold step NOW that guarantees you never go broke again and begin to enjoy a life full of enviable accomplishments by the end of this year so you can shame all those that have been laughing at you, 

then I’ve got a good news for you and this is the most important letter you will ever read!

WARNING: This will be the best investment you are going to make this year.There is no doubt about that. With this investment, all your financial worries will be over

Once again, this is another GOLDMINE PACKAGE from Prince Bernard Olatunji.

For those that are hearing about me for the first time ever (which means you’re new to reading SDE or you’ve been living in a remote village), let me tell you a little bit about myself and why learning from me will be the best decision you will ever make this year.

My name is Prince Bernard Olatunji (aka "The King of Investment"). I'm the Ceo of MGI LTD - one of the leading firms in Investment consulting and internet business  in Nigeria. I'm an author ( and a regular advertiser in Success digest extra! Also, I feature regularly on the business pages in Vanguard Newspaper. And I’ve been making money from investment and the internet since January 2005.

Make no mistake about it - am not one of those half-baked information marketers out there that only make money by selling some lame information they know little or nothing about. Am a practical person to the core, I testron every information package for at least 5 months before introducing it to market.

Allow me to brag a bit and talk about some of my online accomplishments

  • I started my business with only N5,000 and I’ve grossed over N50 million since then for me and my JV partners
  • I make most of my money from genuine online/offline investments and from doing fraud-free internet businesses NOT By selling ebooks that teach people how to make money. Most information marketers out there are not investors -they only make money by selling ebooks that teach others how to make money.
  • I charge as much as N250,000 just to teach people how to invest smartly and how to make money legitimately online, or setup their own online money-making sites. Guess what? I have over 100 people on queue, cash in their hand, begging me to teach them.
  • It’s not unusual for me to make money out of nothing online. I remember a particular day I needed money for my birthday party. I went online in less than a week before the party and pulled out $2,500

  • I run over 20 profitable online ventures that bring me money round the clock on autopilot and I have about 100 more in the pipeline

Let’s take a look at some of them

And lots more that we cannot mention here because of time

Still not satisfied?

Okay, just go over to and carry out a search on the name "Prince Bernard Olatunji" and immediately, one of my hot-selling products that has fetched me over N2 million in less than 6 weeks (Amazing Fuelless Generators) which also ranked number one on google search will pop up, so you can see what I’m talking about.

That’s enough about me. This letter is actually about you and how you can learn to make money from this genuine offline investment right here in Nigeria without losing a KOBO ever again!

I dont really care how you got to this blogsite,
However, if you're an aspired investor looking for a genuine offline investment - a trusted company here in Nigeria you can invest with where you are always free to walk into their office any time and have one-on-one direct contact with or YOU are just an opportunity seeker simply looking for a way to earn a sizeable income, every month, without lifting a finger or worrying about the state of the economy ...

Then congratulation! This website is your winning lottery ticket

Before i go further, I must let you know that THIS PARTICULAR INVESTMENT PACKAGE IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY, am only revealing this jealously & closely-guided secret to just 50 lucky Nigerians. will you be fast and smart enough to be among the lucky 50?

You may want to ask why I purposely limit this special investment offer to just 50 people that I will be revealing the secret that have been fetching me =N=30,000 every month without doing anything?

My answer to that is simple and straightforward - because I can't trust most Nigerians with a wonderful opportunity like this. Honestly, am afraid of showing many people this secret so that they don't come and spoil things for me. Some Nigerians are funny people with greedy and selfish mentality and have a way of messing good things up. I dont want make person come pour sand sand for my garri. 

This secret I'm generously sharing with only 100 people is one of my guaranteed monthly sources of income, so am doing everything to protect it!

I understand that there are thousands of fraudulent investments and scam hyips both onlines and offlines out there that appeal to people's greed by promising them high % returns on investment (atimes as high as 135%, 200%, 450% even 1000%) within a very short period, only to elope with people's hard-earned-money. 

As a result, everybody is skeptical about investment these days because of past bitter experience.We sail in the same both - I have fallen a victim and lost lots of money to some of these online hyips and even offlines too that 20 pages will not be enough for me to recount my grewsome experience. 

However, am an ardent investor, my past bitter experience has taught me the right verification and scrutinizing steps to take to ascertain genuine investments. I promise myself that I'll never lose a single dime to fraudsters again, and I have maintained that stand for the past 5 years now that I have been investing smartly, raking in cold hard cash every month. 

Am sure this is what you want too. Don't worry, I will not only show you where to invest safely, I will also show you absolutely FREE how to verify and identify genuine investments (online or offline based) when next you see one IF you act fast to take up this offer before anyone else - Remember, we only have 50 slots available!

Here is a promise - on this particular investment, we have done our research and home work with accurate certainty that we are not intimidated to offer you 100% money back guaranteed

So consider yourself lucky if you happen to be one of the few people am extending this offer to.

Maybe you did not get me right, I have only selected 50 SPECIAL PEOPLE THAT I WILL TELL HOW I GET 30,000 EVERY MONTH with a company here in NIGERIA with their branch headoffice based in Lagos. The truth is that this company has their headquarters at United state of America and also a Branch Office here in NIGERIA where I invest with and every month For three months, they pay back N21,000 directly to my UBA or GTBAccount.

Dont get me wrong ,what i am trying to say is that if you register or invest with the COMPANY, they will keep paying N1,500 to YOUR LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT Whether its FIRST BANK, SKYE,ACCESS, SPRING,PHB, FIDELITY,OCEANIC ANY BANK AT ALL, For 30 days.


First, I want to say it loud and clear that this is short time investment that only last for THREE MONTHS. You will get paid N21, 000 consecutively for three month, and at the end of the third month, your initial investment of N15,000 will be returned back to you making a total of N78,000.
Here is how it works: First you have to INVEST N15,000 with the company. They will pay you N45,000 every month, meaning after the 30days you will be having N45,000 in your bank account .Isn't that GREAT ?

From the N45,000, just subtract your initial N15,000 and you get N30,000 as your income for the month.Now at the end of that 30th day your business ends with the Company.

If you want to continue You have to RENEW your business with THEM,which means you will have to invest N15,000 and get another N30,000 for another 30days and so on.......that means you will be MAKING N30,000 monthly without you doing anything. But it's just for three months! Remember I told you earlier that its a short-time investment.


(2) BUY THE COMPANY'S PRODUCT - The Product are: Rice, Beans ,Garri, Beverages like Milo And Bournvita,Milk ,Air fresher, Liquid soaps ,Bar soap and some other domestic things you need at home. For all these things the company requires that each investor must buy products worth N9,000 each month and they will give you the three month products combined worth N27,000 (N9,000 monthly) at the end of the third month when your investment ends with them. it is like you buying FOOD STUFFS with N9,000 every Month and that's just great.


If you get the N45,000 and you remove N15,000 to Reinvest for the NEXT MONTH And also remove N9,000 for the FOOD STUFFS, YOU will be left with N21,000 and that is your PURE PROFIT EVERY MONTH


First Month ..........................You Earn ....................... N21, 000
Second Month.......................You Earn ........................ N21, 000
Third Month .........................You Earn........................ N21, 000
Total Return On Investment In 3 Months = N63, 000
Plus N15,000 Initial After 3 moths = N78,000


(1) Get this straight - It's not compulsory that you must introduce anybody because its not a network. But if you wish and do, you will earn $25 (N3750) on each person you introduce. And you are given the right to introduce a maximum of 40 people within the three months of your investment tenure. Asuming you only introduce 10 people for instance, that will fetch you an extra $250 (N37500).

Did I just say an extra N37, 500 every month? ... YES You heard me right!
Let me explain: if you introduce just 10 people in your first month, you will automatically be earn N37,500 every month for three months because they will all reinvest every month. That means if you can introduce 40 people, you will be earning an extra $1000 (N150,000) monthly! Isnt that a jackpot?

(2) You will also earn $1 (N150) on each of the person the people you introduce bring. For example if you introduce 10 people and each of them also introduce 10 people each, then you will be paid $100 on them making a total of $350 every month!

(3) This will shock you - for those that are able to introduce 40 people within three months, they're entitled to a loan worth N2.5 Million, a brand new car worth $15,000 or a flat apartment worth $10, 000 which they will be paying back by instalment!
Listen! like I said earlier, It's not a must to introduce anybody, your normal monthly earning on your investment is gauranteed. If you decide not to introduce anyone, no problem - all you stand to lose are the above listed benefits.

If you're ready to make COOL money every month from investment like I do, then I urge to grab this opportunity fast before it's gone forever!

I'm sure you cant wait to be part of this ... BUT WAIT .. I'm Going to bribe you silly, you will think I'm running Mad!!!

If you're one of the first 50 to order for this investment package, I will give you these exclusive super bonuses valued at over N25,000

Super Exclusive Bonus No 1: How to make a guaranteed N250,000 Monthly running an extremely profitable internet business without a website

super Exclusive Bonus No 2: 999 Great Business Ideas - The wizard's brainwaves business-in-a-box that contains 999 Great businesses I urge you not to miss

super Exclusive Bonus No 3: "Instant best seller" by Ewen chia valued at $47. If you know Ewen Chia, you wont like to miss this book for anything. All the big internet millionaires in Nigeria have read this book to dramatically increase the volume of their business including SDE editor (Dr Sunny Ojeagabse ) himself. The market price tag of this book is $47 and I will give you FREE only if you act fast.

super exclusive Bonus No 4: I will also give you these 3 powerful bestsellers worth N5,000 each market price

Book # 1: Acres of Diamond ( By Russell H. Conwell)
Book # 2: Speedwealth (By T Harv Eker)
Book # 3: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ( By Stephen R. covey)

So, how much do you think this gem of valuable information worth ?

Am sure you're thinking it will be around N20,000 or more like our Fuelless generator package. You know deep down that this is a valuable offer. Maybe the Most valuable you have ever come across. After all, what can be more valuable than a system that pumps cash into your Bank account monthly on autopilot like an invisible paymaster without you lifting a finger?

But I wont charge up to that, not even half of that, if I do that, many people (housewives, students, fresh graduates, applicants, etc) that are interested in making money through genuine investment but do not have enough money will miss out.

Am offering it to you at a ridiculously low price of just N5,000

Yes, you saw that right, it was not an error. With just N5,000 the information is yours


But you must hurry because this will sell out fast and we dont want to sell to more than 50 people to protect the exclusivity of the investment. If you miss out on this, who knows when you will get such an opportunity again!

once we get 50 orders, THIS OFFER WILL BE CLOSED FOREVER.If you know us well, when we close an offer, its closed forever.

Isn't that a good bargian?

Are you excited? Don't be yet as I'm about shock you ...

Now let me make this offer risk free for you.You Are Covered By my No Bull, No Questions Asked, No Quibble, No Beef, No Risk, Iron clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not 150% satisfied with what I'm showing you ... if you dont belief you can get 10, 20 even 50 times your investment back in almost effortless earnings ... if you dont think this is the biggest bargain in money making, just let me know within 60 days and I will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time. Not only that, I will ask you to keep the bonuses for wasting your time

How is that for taking all the risk?

You no longer have an excuse for not making all the money you want

You pay me just N5000 once, and I'll hand over to you the treasure map that lead you to making N21,000 Every Single Month For three consecutive month putting a total cash of N78, 000 into your bank account without lifting a single finger...PLUS .... a food stuffs worth N9,000 over and over again ... with one-time-out-of-pocket investment of N15,000.

So that is it, with just N5000, the information is all yours



Step 1: Call me on 07039537576 to confirm if there is still space for you. This is important because we want to limit the offer to just 50

Step 2: If I confirm to you that there is still space for you, Pay N5,000 into my Bank Account at any branch of GTBank or Oceanic with these details:

Account Name: Olatunji Bernard Olaitan

GTBank Acc No: 0017210794
Zenith Bank Acc No: 2088887580

Step 3: Once you're done with your payment, grab your GSM and text me your full name + Bank paid to + teller number + your valid e-mail address to 07039537576

step 4: Once your payment is confirmed and your message got, I send your order to you digitally to your specified e-mail address within 24hours.

That's it

We're done here now. it's your turn now to take action. Will you do it? Sincerely I hope you do everything to become more prosperous.

so, let's wrap this up ...

Most of the money I have made In my entire life is as a result of genuine investments like this one am offering you here. According to Robert Kiyosaki "Investment is beautiful and it's the easiest and the fastest way to become wealthy, simply because your money work for you while you are busy doing other things"

I'm waiting for your call

Prince Bernard Olatunji
Ceo: Morewealth Global Info Ltd

AKA The King of Investment

P.S: I wasn't joking when I said we are extending this offer to just 100 people and there will be a rush. If you wait, think or whatever, they will be gone in a flash and you'll have only yourself to blame

P.S.S: Please make sure you call me before you make any other move. We've got only 100 slots and we don't want to exceed it. I have to confirm to you there is still a chance for you before you can take the next move.

P.S.S.S: Don't tell me you're still reading this. Others are already securing their spots. Sign out now and call me right away on 07039537576

My Contact Information
Tel: 07039537576, 08125578127
Whatsapp No: +2347039537576
Skype ID: majestyben1


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